The nfh nation
The NFH community is truly one of the most welcoming and supportive in the NFT space.

Join our discord to meet the family. We are a diverse group from around the globe, passionate about NFH and the possibilities of Web3.

Over the past few months, we have seen our community and the NFH team support members to go on to pursue personal endeavours within crypto, and curate a one-of-a-kind NFT collection.

Quests, community contests, and rewards

We hold regular, dungeons and dragons style quests with our talented GM (Game Master).

This is where the Villain and Hero factions come into play. Our community has created characters, written backstories, and are ready to bring them to life during these Discord challenges.

Decentralised creative and storytelling process

NFH is the first NFT collection crossing over to the real-world media and entertainment industry. Our community is critical to the creative process as character names, regions, and plot points have been decided by the community within a structure designed by professional authors and filmmakers.

By joining NFH Nation you are included in pivotal moments of the narrative, and your ideas can make it to printed pages and the big screen as the project grows.

twitter spaces

NFH holds regular twitter spaces with guest speakers on important topics within the space.

The topics range from crypto tax law and personal finance, to career opportunities in Web3, to in- depth discussions with artists and creators in the NFT space. We will continue to provide the highest quality educational content to our awesome community.

The best way to stay safe and thrive in this world of endless possibilities is to stay educated and connected.